The One Thing All Of Us Have To Offer Students

Reaching this next generation can feel like an incredibly daunting task. They are hard to read at times, can be easily offended, and are skeptical of people in positions of power. But they are also compassionate, justice-oriented, and want to make a difference in the world. How we interact with them and what we share […]

Has technology stolen our telos?

I’ve been asking myself lately: How did our world get so confusing? It seems like the definitions of things have become broader and more expansive. Dialogue about ideas has been tamed for fear of judgment. Students seem more unsure about who they are and what is true than I have ever seen before. It appears […]

3 Essential Emphases In Youth Ministry

In a world of information, students are looking for the truth. They have never had more access to information, yet they are more confused than ever. Students in this generation usually talk about their emotions well, but they don’t control them and often can make unwise choices. They also want to be people who do […]

Fear or Curiosity?

We live in a world that loves the sensational. There is so much information out there; the way to get attention is to say something that stops people dead in their tracks. Gen Z has picked up on this, and they can take sensationalism to another level. But, how we respond may be more important […]

Reflections from the Year of Ministry in Schools

You may or may not know this, but we are practitioners. We want to reach students as badly as you do. We spend the school year on public school campuses with students, having conversations and sharing the Gospel through our non-profit, RLTK. Pre-Covid, we were in 11 public schools. This year we started the journey of […]

Proverbs: The Untapped Resource for Gen Z

For months now, I’ve been thinking about biblical literacy amongst students. We all know the data that speaks to a decline in a Christian worldview and orthodox views of scripture. People seem to be valuing the scriptures less and less, even as believers. If we can’t get Christians to read the Bible, how do we […]

The Future Church or the Future of The Church?

There is a dichotomy that exists in the world around young people, which unfortunately exists within the church. Young people are the “future,” but we treat them and view them as less-than, not fully realized people, so they get relegated to the sidelines until they are ready to contribute. Now, I am writing this to […]

For the birds and the lack of bees

“There is no way that this winter is ever going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don’t see any other way out. He’s got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.” – Phil Connors Social issues seem to come in cycles. In one season, we are debating […]

Caring for the Heartbroken Teen

Living in the desert, we have our share of dangers—wildlife such as coyotes, javelina, various types of lizards, and of course, snakes. One, in particular, is the Rattle Snake which is a predator but also an opportunistic animal. It not only seeks out the prey, but it also lies in wait and strikes at the […]

Romance Discipleship

Remember the age that you noticed someone else in a special way? Remember their smile, laugh, and general being that stirred feelings in you that made you long to become their friend, maybe even more than friends? Who taught you the art of how to romance them and how to woo them? Who taught you […]