Slow and steady wins the race

By Jordan Francis Wow! The first quarter of 2023 is flying by. It can feel like the days are spinning out of control with so many things to balance and juggle. Even as I write this blog, there are about three other tasks I know I need to do, and my mind is encouraging me […]

Do not grow weary, youth leader

Leading people is an absolute grind. Sometimes it can feel like you are putting in a lot of work to see very little return in the physical. Im sure we’ve all asked ourselves why we chose to go into this profession or, better yet, questioning if God even called us to this work. I’m here […]

Remembering the Moments That Matter: How to Sustain Yourself in Ministry

This week, a student from ministry I did years ago reached out to me. They asked if we could get coffee to talk about what they are struggling with in their faith because they think I would be a good person to talk to about it. Honestly, I feel honored that they would consider me […]

Can I Want Success For My Ministry?

I may be hitting a topic that you have wrestled with before. This question is weaved into our psyches in more ways than one; can I want success for my ministry? What is it about hearing a term like being “successful” that makes us think and evaluate our heart posture? I mean, we do know that it’s […]

5 Ways a Youth Pastor Can Better Engage Mental Health Issues In Youth Ministry

Mental health is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, especially among young people. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 youths aged 13-18 years old has or will have a mental illness in their lifetime. As a youth pastor, it is essential that you are aware of these statistics and know how […]

The vulnerable and transparent youth pastor

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Keep the circle tight and move in silence. These phrases have only grown in popularity as more people jockey for social and corporate ladders positions. But is this true for those in ministry? What should our network of friends and peers look like? We certainly can’t let […]

God’s Plan?

Recently, we were discussing the nature of God, specifically his omniscience. This means His ability to know our innermost thoughts and the paths of our lives. The discussion began with Psalm 139, a poetic example of God’s innermost knowledge of our creation and formation. As a father expecting another child, this Psalm has been influential for […]

Can I Hold Water?

Anyone who reads or glances through Paul’s letters will see encouragement to continue living a godly life. It’s easy to get sidetracked when ministry gets overwhelming with the rushing current of week-to-week tasks and events. What I see the most is not a catastrophic failure but a slow leak from the hustle. What do I […]

5 Things Your Students Wish You Knew

Understanding this generation can feel like a daunting task. There is so much nuance to each of them and yet much similarity. After spending a lot of time on campuses here in Phoenix listening to them, here are five things we have learned that have helped us engage them well. They want to be known. […]

Built Different

I started ministry in the Summer of 2020, and to be completely honest, I think it has transformed me as a leader. No, I am not talking about the struggle to navigate the uncharted waters of COVID and the restrictions we have all faced in the last 18 months. I am not talking about the […]