One of the most underrated experiences of human life is the adolescent journey of self-discovery. If you think about it,  we really long to relive those years of human life. Our pop culture primarily focuses on these years in our storytelling. Think of our generation’s (Gen X)  “classic movies” Back to the Future, Star Wars, […]

Be the Guide for your student’s Journey

The teenager’s path is a simple one. It is the search for identity and community! As a parent, mentor, or youth pastor, your job is to guide, model, and prepare your child, your student, or your youth for such a journey.  True Guidance Starts with Empathy: To prepare these teens for their journey, you must […]

Who’s Life Are You Teaching?

Teach this generation to live their own life, not yours. There are times when we engage Generation Z from our struggle or our lack in our childhood. We have several conversations that are the cries of what we wish someone would have told us. If we peel back the layers in our parenting or ministry, […]