Youth culture is evolving and we believe youth pastors should have access to a curriculum that does, too.

A curriculum

Conventional youth ministry curricula (YMC) remain largely uninformed by Gen Z culture.

The status quo?
A focus on behavior modification and a bias to play it safe.

If you currently subscribe to a YMC, you’ve likely felt this, too. When “let’s make the hard conversations easy” remains a fundamental belief of widely used curricula, youth ministries run the risk of becoming monolithic and culturally irrelevant.

It’s no wonder youth ministries have inherited a generation more influenced by post-Christian ideologies than biblical truth.

Youth culture has changed. Youth ministry curriculum has not.

It’s time to bridge the gap.

If we’re talking about the Bible without showing kids how it relates to their life, then we’re missing the mark on relevance — and likely reinforcing their underwhelm toward the local church with generic remixes of the same old messages.

You deserve:

  • A curriculum that’s both culturally relevant and biblically faithful
  • Tools to help you lead hard conversations with confidence
  • Resources that save you time and help you deliver consistently transformative messages

Here's what an evolution in YMC
looks like...

Holistic & Integrated

Reaching today’s youth requires us to care about “all the things.” From theology, psychology and philosophy to emotions, thinking and practicality. And beyond!


GenZers are ready to talk. The youth ministries who make the greatest impact cultivate an environment of transparency, engagement and feedback.


Transformation requires a Gospel that’s personal, relevant and compelling. Personal — in what it means for individuals. Relevant — in how it matters for today. Compelling — in the way it calls us to action.

An Evolution In Substance AND Form

At Reframe we believe in innovation as a core value. But it’s not innovation for the sake of being different. The innovation or evolution we’re after is the kind that’s driven by a passion for continuous improvement. And frankly, there’s a lot that needs to improve when it comes to youth ministry curriculum.

The Old Way

Pre-packaged curriculum that leaves you wanting more substance while offering little to no options for customization.

The New Way

Real, relevant, relatable content, offered in a way that allows you to pick what you want when you need it.

Ready for the evolution?

Uncommon Content for an Uncommon Generation

Reframe Weekly

A weekly teaching series inspired by current events. The hyper-relevant content satisfies Gen Z’s desire for variety in any context. Ideal for leading conversations about all. the. things.

What's Inside

  • Teaching outlines
  • Small group guides
  • Parent emails
  • Promotional materials
  • Access to the Reframe user Facebook group

Ideal for — leading radically candid conversations about all.the.things.

Complete Curriculum

This power toolkit includes sermons, teaching and small-group guides, meaningful questions, epic graphics and more. Ideal for staying consistent and growing your YM.

What's Inside

  • Teaching outlines
  • Small group guides
  • Parent emails
  • Podcasts explaining series content
  • Promotional materials
  • Access to the Reframe user Facebook group

Ideal for — delivering high-quality messages with consistency as you grow your youth ministry.

Series Library

Our à la carte content lets you browse and select specific series from more than 25 topics. Ideal for bolstering your sermons or covering subjects you’re not familiar with. Grab one, Build a bundle, or build your own curriculum.

What's Inside

  • Teaching outlines
  • Small group guides
  • Parent emails
  • Podcasts explaining series content
  • Promotional materials
  • Access to the Reframe user Facebook group

Ideal for — Ideal for bolstering your messages or engaging subjects you’re not familiar with.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Each series comes with a teaching guide and small group guide for each week listed, series graphics, social media promotional graphics, bumper videos (except volume 1), and parent email. We also include an 8-10 minute podcast called audio insights that explains the vision and purpose of the series, giving you as much context as possible so that you can bring transformation to your youth ministry.

Head over to our series library, read the descriptions, and add to the cart whichever series you believe will best serve your ministry. You order the usage of those series as you see fit, essentially building your own curriculum.

Traditional curriculum is made available month to month or quarterly. With RW, you will have a new teaching guide, small group guide, and promotional materials dropped into your library on a different hot topic every week! You can choose to build this out into a series or use the topics at your discretion. 

Receipts are autogenerated and sent to you at the time of purchase. 

Once you have made your purchase, you will get an email to the address you used to purchase with login information. Please make sure to check your spam. The direct URL for our library is library.reframeyouth.com.

At reframe, we want to make sure our resources are available for everyone who thinks they will be beneficial for their ministry! If you need assistance, reach out to us at info@reframeyouth.com, and we will do our best to get you what you need!

If you’ve read this far, please know we believe in your work and we’ve got your back.

We get it: Dropping the ball on your purpose is not an option. The stakes are high. 

And if you succeed, a generation will reap the reward. 

It’s time to drop regular and arm yourself with relevant and relatable. 

It’s time to reframe how you do youth ministry.

The Gospel is life-changing. And how we share it should be, too.

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