Remembering the Moments That Matter: How to Sustain Yourself in Ministry

This week, a student from ministry I did years ago reached out to me. They asked if we could get coffee to talk about what they are struggling with in their faith because they think I would be a good person to talk to about it.

Honestly, I feel honored that they would consider me a person to reach out to. 

It made me think of all those moments in ministry that have made it worthwhile. All the lives that have been impacted. All the students who have gone on to do ministry themselves.

I remember the first time I saw someone put their trust in Jesus. I was at a community college in Kilgore, Texas, in 2011, doing campus outreach. We had a big club meeting that day. 100+ college students showed up in the cafeteria to discuss pornography. The leaders from that campus presented the Gospel at the end of the conversation.

I remember a young man coming to the front at the end, weeping, professing his need for Jesus to come and change Him. We prayed with him. I remember feeling this student pass from death to life (I cannot explain it any other way). It changed me forever. I had seen what Jesus could do, not just for me but for others.

It’s these moments that sustain me through the difficult times. They remind me why I do what I do and give me hope for the future.

What are the moments that matter to you in ministry? Is there anywhere you write them down or keep notes of them? You should.

Serving young people is challenging. It can often feel like no one is listening. You often do not see the fruit of your labor, especially with students, because they graduate high school and go off to college. Many you do not hear from until years later.

When God allows you to see glimpses of the impact you are having/had, take stock of it, remember it, and write it down. This will sustain you when ministry gets hard. It will remind you of why you do what you do, and give you hope for the future.

So take a moment today to think about the moments that matter in your ministry. What has God done that has blown your mind? Let it feed your soul. Keep going.

Jordan Francis is a team member at Reframe Youth in Phoenix, AZ.

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